How to Transfer Auto Warranties

If you are considering a new car, and would like to transfer an older warranty, you have to know How to Transfer Auto Warranties, and what you have to do in order to make it effective on the new vehicle. In some cases, all it takes is a call to the warranty provider, especially if they are going to replace the old car, due to some kind of a defect that was their fault, and which they could not repair. In this event, all you have to do is make the call, and transfer over the warranty to the new car, by providing the requested information. In other cases, you can do the simple transfer online. You only have to submit a basic form, and it is going to take a matter of minutes for you to complete the transfer, and to get the new car covered with the warranty.
With certain warranty companies, you will have to visit their offices. If it is a transfer to a larger vehicle, or to something entirely different than what you were driving in the past, it is possibly not going to be able to transfer; so, you have to know what is available, how much you can transfer, and whether or not you can make the transfer at all, in order to know you are choosing the right warranty provider. Prior to even purchasing an extended warranty, you have to know what is covered, what is not, and whether or not it is a transferable warranty; in many instances it is not. You have to ask questions, and find out what the process is, since each company has a different process, and will require different steps to be taken, in order for you to fully transfer the car over to a new car.

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