How Much Does a Used Car Extended Warranty Cost?

A car extended warranty can cost anything between $65 and $3000 or more depending on several criteria startingwith the model of the vehicle to the type of coverage and benefits included.
Obviously, an extended warranty for a car that has been evaluated at $50.000 will cost much more than a typicalsedan. The dealer will evaluate the car and provide a quote based on the initial findings, taking into consideration thecurrent state of the vehicle. The same model can have a lower warranty cost if it has been properly maintained.
In terms of money saving ideas, getting the best deal means checking several quotes from multiple dealers or just going to an online price comparison site that allows the users to check based on the model, year, mileage and evenby zone. Many consider it the most convenient way to find a good deal for their extended warranty.
New cars are have lower extended warranty costs due to the fact that all parts are new and do not present a majorrisk for the insurance company. Used cars are more likely to break down than new ones.
Warranty packages with additional benefits such as the coverage of repair bills over a certain amount can cost more. The price is not the only factor that should determine someone to get a particular extended warranty. Even if awarranty is cheaper than other it doesn’t mean that it is better. The contract can clarify why. Some cheaper extendedwarranties do not cover repairs that cost more than $300. They can be a good deal for the ones that own cars withlow chances of breaking down but these facts are only based on probabilities. Also, drivers that feel confident thatthey will take care of the car and maintain it properly can go for cheaper extended warranties.

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