High Touch Needs For Our High Tech World

Fifteen years ago, a guest lecturer for a management conference described a new concept to the attendees. He stated that as our world becomes more “high tech” we lose the intimate connection which we humans need — touch. He predicted an increase in the need for “high touch.” Nowhere is this more evident than with the increased need in Massage Therapy Licensing Program Apply for a New License.

Numerous opportunities abound in the field of massage therapy. Wherever you may live, there are programs that increase your income while filling a vital void in our stressed-out world. Whether massage therapy certification Texas, or massage therapy certification Oregon, people are beginning to realize that massage is a valuable part of their regular wellness regimen.

Through massage therapy classes in San Antonio, for example, students learn about muscles, nerves and tissues in the body where pain is manifested by different stresses. Those who receive massage therapy certification Florida and many other states learn how to relieve muscle pain causing unrelenting discomfort steming from workouts and sports, fatigue from staring at a computer screen all day, or even sitting in a traffic jam. In fact, many doctors prescribe massage therapy to work in tandem with other therapies following surgeries or accidents. When receiving therapies through this directive, insurance companies often cover the costs.

Cruise ships, exclusive spas and sports medicine practices employ massage therapists for their guests and patients. This need is continuing to grow, especially as we see an exponential growth in the incomes of those laboring in high tech fields. Career opportunities for massage therapists, venues in which to practice, and incomes for therapists have never been greater — AND this demand continues to soar.

If you’re feeling as if you are stagnant in your career, or wish to propel yourself into a new career, consider massage therapy. You will take yourself from high tech stress to a rewarding career in “high touch.” You will spend your work days feeling fulfilled as you bring comfort, healing and serentity to others.

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