Beware Dealer-Issued Extended Auto Warranty Coverage

When you are considering a vehicle, and a dealer extended warranty, you have to make sure that you read the fine print. Many sales teams are simply going to push their product on you, whether you need it or not. In some instances, their “extended” warranty, is no more than the actual manufacturer warranty, and they are simply trying to up sell you on the product they have. You must know what is out there, and you have to read between the lines, in order to ensure you get great coverage, and to ensure you are going to be fully covered when you do choose the warranty. In many cases, it is best to go with a third party company, if you are going to buy an extended warranty at all. Since there are many options and package choices, you have to know what is out there, and what is available to you, in order to ensure you are making the right choice, and have sufficient coverage, when you are deciding on the warranty, and on the right deal for your car. So, rather than directly trust the dealer, you have to know what they are trying to up sell you with.

When you ask questions, read the warranty, and find out what you are really paying for, in many instances it is not worth the additional cost; so, rather than simply purchase, you should take the time to read, and to find out what you are getting, before you to purchase. In doing this, not only do you end up with quality coverage, and with sufficient coverage, you are also going to avoid the possibility that you are over paying on a policy, and one that is not going to offer you any additional coverage than the manufacturer warranty does.

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